Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

If my dad were still alive - he would be 98 today. Millie has had me digging through genealogy as of late, and my heart and thoughts have been on family a lot: Turning the hearts of the children to their fathers......

Rex D. Bassett was born 6 July 1912. We weren't extremely close when I was growing up. Dad wasn't a warm, fuzzy type of guy - but even with the problems he had in his life - he was always very supportive of me and the things that I wanted to accomplish. He was my dad - I love him - and I miss his deep brown eyes and that 'look' that he would give us from across the room. Happy Birthday dad!

My dad loved horses and growing up we always had a horse in the corral. When they weren't ours, we boarded them for neighbors. Dad was a member of the Caribou County Sheriff's Posse.

Dad and his siblings. They were a close bunch. Lucille, Lenore, Bernice, Rex, Homer, Pauline.

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