Monday, April 29, 2013

The Project

That's what we took to calling it.  A project we started four weeks ago to help friends get their house ready to sell.  It's being shown tomorrow - so we finished up almost everything tonight, just a few little things - but it is show worthy tonight. 
This is the sink in the laundry room.  Don and Brad had already cleaned the sink a little before I tackled it.  It had layers and spatters of dried paint and other unidentified stuff.

One hour later - 1/4 can comet - 1 decimated scrub brush and 2 thumb nails that are now 'toast' = it's clean!

We won't talk about the casserole dish that was used as a paint pan.....Sandi - Ethan owes you a new one!

Almost every room ended up with at least 'something' painted.  Sometimes it was the whole room, sometimes just some touch up.  The deck needed quite a bit of touch up painting also - and it's HUGE!  Don and Brad did a GREAT job!

Say prayers for a quick sale!

The granite guys did an excellent job.

dining room

Love the tile in the bathrooms

This is our favorite room up stairs now

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