Monday, June 10, 2013


I have a very dear friend.  One I have recently become acquainted with through our various responsibilities in our church.  We live in different towns so I don't see her much - but I am so impressed by the mother and wife that she is.  Her husband just finished dental school and has a job that he'll start soon. 

They have been blessed with three adorable sons - albeit through very difficult pregnancies.  She cannot/should not have any more children naturally, but feel that there is a little girl out there some where who will be a part of their family.

They have created an adoption blog - 3D Adopting - Our Search for a Daughter - and you can find them here.

You know that feeling when you meet someone, and you immediately feel drawn to them because being around them makes you a better person?!  That's how I feel about Emily.  And by virtue of who she is - also her husband and her adorable sons. 

I hope I had that much energy and optimism when I was a young mother. 

At any rate - check out their blog.  Even if you don't know of a little girl who needs a  home - you'll feel good for having visited.  They have a short video of their experience with the Kansas City Temple - definitely watch it!

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