Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baby Emma

Newborn wrinkly hands and feet!

Miss Emma with her Auntie Millie

Awake and alert!

These little ones are mesmerizing!  I need to get some pictures of her with mom and dad - but up until today they have been too exhausted to have pictures taken!  I think they are starting to feel somewhat normal.  So - the best part of being a mother is being a grandmother!  It's seeing your children take that leap of faith into parenthood and accepting the responsibility that comes with it.  These little ones come totally dependent on you for every aspect of their life.  They trust implicitly that you will take care of them and they reward you the only way they know how - with unconditional love!  As parents, new or seasoned, we make mistakes.   And just when you think you have the whole parenting thing figured out, you have another child and you have to start all over again - because each one comes with their own personality and ways of dealing with life.   Each precious spirit that is welcomed into a family becomes part of the tapestry of that family.  It's being so fun watching the tapestry of the Chlarson family being woven ever more tightly and intricately.

Leaving here and going home is not going to be easy.   Home is going to seem awfully dull without a cute little bug to come visit every day!

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Mindy said...

She's beautiful. Tell Amanda "good job" :)