Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mother Goose Popcorn

One of our favorite treats when our girls were little was popcorn.  It's inexpensive - it's versatile and it can be FUN!  We enjoyed popcorn in all forms; buttered, with cheese powder, caramel and THIS - Mother Goose Popcorn! 

It's a simple and easy to make treat.  I was thinking about Mother Goose popcorn last week, and finally this week I made some - with the intent that we would have it for snacking during General Conference.  Guess what?  There wasn't any left for snacking this weekend!  It was yummy.  Can't you just see the sweet goodness on those kernals? 

Mother Goose Popcorn
2 c. sugar                         3/4 c. milk
6 qts. popped popcorn     1/2 tsp. vanilla

Combine sugar and milk in a saucepan - cook on medium heat until it forms a soft ball.  Remove from heat and add vanilla and food coloring.  Pour over the popped corn and stir with a wooden spoon until the popcorn becomes dry and sugary.

Friday, March 23, 2012

General Conference

I am so looking forward to General Conference in a couple of weeks!  I love being taught at the feet of apostles and prophets.  I used to read the New Testament and couldn't imagine not sitting at the feet of the Savior to be taught.  And yet, now, it is so easy to be distracted by the 'things' going on in the world that sometimes I forget that these men are His spokesmen on the earth today.  They have priesthood authority and they have the direction that I need in my life RIGHT NOW.....why not set aside the world for a few hours and soak it all up!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Branson Anniversary

 30 years!  What happens in 30 years?!  LIFE!  School, jobs, family and lots of fun!  I have been blessed to spend the last 30 years with my best friend by my side!  We decided we needed to celebrate, so - considering we have lived in Missouri for almost 25 years and never been to Branson - it was time to cross that off of our bucket list!  We figured that the last time we had been somewhere that didn't involve visiting family, having kids with us, or were there because of a work commitment - was 29 years ago!  It was time to go have some fun!  
We enjoyed some good frozen yogurt at Andy's.  Num, num!
 And - since we were so close to Arkansas - we needed to add another state to our list of places we've been.  We had to go to Arkansas twice actually, because I wasn't ready with the camera the first time we drove by - and hey - we needed proof!
 Here's some of the damage from the tornado that went through the area just over 2 weeks ago.  There were several places with 'some' damage - and a few with a 'lot' of damage - but all of the shows were up and running.

We stayed at the Gazebo Inn.  It was quaint.  We would probably choose someplace different if we went again, but hey - a hotel room is a hotel room - right?!
We were told to go to Dixie Stampede hungry - and we're so glad we did!  There was so much amazing food!  All of which we ate with our hands (except the soup did come in a bowl) - but it was SO GOOD!  The performance was a lot of fun also and we enjoyed it a lot!

 We enjoyed a couple of other shows also.
We had a lot of fun at the Presley Family Jubilee.  Good music and great comedy!

Our favorite show had to be SIX.  Six brothers who sing acapella, and even though it sounds like they have a full-on band with them - those sounds all come from them!  They do a lovely tribute to their mother who passed away in her 50's from cancer.  There are also 4 other brothers who don't perform.  LOVED this show.  I would definitely see them again.

And there are places like this all over town.  Fun places to visit - Ripley's Believe it or Not - the Titanic Exhibit and so much more.  Wonderful places to eat, Tablerock Lake, Branson Landing - we only had 2 days - I would have liked another day to play and explore.

We've promised that it won't be so long until our next vacation.  On our bucket list....?  The Black Hills; Scotland/England; and the northeast.  Of course, Hawaii would be fun as would an Alaskan cruise!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1940 something - an adventure and a wedding!

My mother had a couple of sisters raising their families in a small community in southeastern Idaho, she was the 2nd youngest of many children in her large family.  My father lived in this same small farming community running the family farm.  He had not been able to enlist in the war because as a child he blew off some fingers when playing with dynamite caps or gun powder....and also lost most of his hearing in one ear.  Mom graduated from high school and worked for a year while waiting for her little sister to graduate so they could go to California together to work, often-times traveling to southern Idaho to visit her older sisters and entertain a relationship with this handsome young man.  Her sister graduated, but decided that rather than go to California, she wanted to get married - so mom took off without her.  She worked at an aircraft factory - and much like Rosie the Riveter - spent time in the wings of the airplanes riveting and making sure things were tight so the pilots would have a sound aircraft to fly.  She had a grand time in California, and talked about saving gas ration coupons so she and her friends could travel a bit and enjoy the west coast while wasn't all work!  She also continued to write to that Idaho farm boy - and soon she was leaving sunny CA and heading back to southeastern Idaho.  Beth Letham and Rex Bassett were married in May of 1945 and had three children.
Find out more about the 1940's and how you can help preserve the history of this great generation by going here to the 1940 Census Web Site!  Embrace the heritage that has been left to us - and do your part to help write their history.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Something Extraordinary

We had our Stake Women's Conference today - and I have to say - something extraordinary happened. I was asked somewhat last minute to present a workshop. I had 4 days to prepare - and you know how us women are - typically 4 weeks would have been about right! But - 4 days! The workshop was on trials - surviving them - and learning from them. I totally stole some thoughts from Emily Freeman from here, (I totally LOVE her blog) and also from President Eyring from the October 2007 General Conference - 'Remember, Remember' - (sorry - I couldn't get it to link) ....and somewhere in the midst of the presentation - the words came that I was supposed to say. I had wonderful priesthood help to get a projector and screen set up and my computer connected to the wi-fi so we were able to end with Hilary Weeks' music video for Beautiful Heartbreak here. I believe hearts were touched as we could all relate to heartfelt struggles and the desire to rise above them and not look back. I am thankful that for maybe just a small moment in time I was able to be an instrument in His hands. I am grateful for the tender mercies that were extended to so many on this day.