Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Anniversary

28 years! What fun we've had! And we had such a good time in Perry, Iowa at the Hotel Pattee with our friends Ron and Pam Walker. The pictures can't do it justice. This hotel has 40 themed rooms - each one like a miniature museum of sorts - all of them are just plain fun. The attention to detail in this place is incredible, and everytime we walked into a room, I noticed something I hadn't before. Rich mahogony and marble is throughout the whole place. A spa, a workout room and a two-lane bowling alley. Enjoy the pictures!
flowers from my hubby!

Our room! Each room had the room name and number stamped in leather.

A little something from Ron & Pam for our anniversary!

The temperature selector for your water in the shower.

leather etching - the detail is incredible. This is on the back of the booth in the restaraunt. There is a different one above each bench seat.

This is in the quilt room. There were so many quilts. It was beautiful!

The children's room had rhymes and sayings painted on the furniture, the walls, the closets - so much fun!

This room was dedicated to the cartoonist who created Alley Oop!

The courtyard and the 'artistic' gate going into it.

In the bowling alley!