Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Countdown

How do you 'count down' the days to Christmas?  Our family has enjoyed several different ways throughout the years.  One that our girls enjoyed a LOT was the countdown using Hershey's Kisses.  A Kiss a Day until Christmas.  I don't have a picture, but what you do is take a l-o-n-g length of saran wrap and lay it on the table or the floor.  Evenly space 25 kisses on the plastic wrap, then fold it over itself so the kisses are all wrapped up.  Using short lengths of yarn or ribbon, wrap it around the plastic between each kiss and tie with a bow.  Each day, you can either untie the ribbon/yarn and pull out the kiss, or simply cut it off of the bottom.  I may have to make another one just to have a picture!  Stay tuned for that!

Several years ago at a craft workshop I made this fun count-down Santa.  His buttons are numbered and stored in the cute muslin bag which we stenciled.  Each day, someone finds the appropriate number and adds it to his Santa suit.  It's such a fun, visual way to answer the question of: "How many more days until Christmas, mom?"