Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kansas City Temple

Check out the Kansas City Temple Chasers on my bloglist. We are so excited to have a temple in our area and I can't wait for Friday night dates to the temple! The open house should be in about a year - plan to attend with us to see what a temple looks like up close and personal. If you have any questions - please ask!

Out with the old - In with the new!

It seems that we always do things in threes at our house. Millie is getting married and we sent her money for the wedding yesterday. That was a chunk of change, so to speak! Last week, knowing we were getting a new son-in-law, we decided it was time to get rid of the twin bed in Millie's room and upgrade a bit....a new bed for her room and a new mattress for our bed with our mattress going in the guest room. I was planning on that - and was ok with it - especially after selling the twin bed and brand new bedding to some friends for their granddaughter. What I wasn't counting on was Don falling in love with a dining set as we walked into the furniture store. As soon as he sat in a chair - I knew it would be ours! And it is! It's very similar to the tables we have looked at in Jamesport (an Amish Community close by) - but it is truly Amish made in Pennsylvania - they even grow their own trees to make the furniture! --- and not shipped in from China and finished here. Things won't be delivered for a while - and when they are I'll add a picture or two. I'm things. Yet a little sad too. We just said good bye to a bed that listened to a lot of bedtime stories, absorbed a lot of tears, and rejoiced in the laughter of silly sisters. Next to go is our table - given to us by friends some time back. The table of MANY a family dinner, LOTS of games, talk time after dinner and just general good times with family and friends. We'll miss the old stuff - but look forward to making memories with the new!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And she's down.....

8 lbs that is! That's progress folks! Yes - I am getting a little tired of salads and green things - but I feel better. I have more energy, and I am able to add berries and some melon this week along with cottage cheese and a some low carb breads, tortillas ect. Life is good! And so I will continue.

Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose - this is one time I don't mind being a loser!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Losing some weight.....

Ok - so you know we have a wedding coming up. I've been working on losing weight without much success in the past. I tried Weight Watchers and was doing 'ok' until they switched up the program to Points Plus...then I was just never able to do it the way I needed to and I started gaining again. So - I decided to try something different. My doctor had told me at one time that she thought I could be insulin resistant, and my hormones are whacky at this stage in my life...but this has been working. Atkins Plan! Don has been trying it too - and I must say it is the first time we have seen consistent success in a LOT of years! The first three days were a little tough - and I have to admit that I cheat just a little every day. Maybe it's a handful of granola, or the pear I'm not supposed to eat quite yet, or on a REALLY stressful day a ball of frozen cookie dough! But we have fallen in love with the Atkins Protein Bars. A little pricey - but much more filling than my favorite (Fiber One) granola bars. And Don has been supplementing with some protein drink. We're doing 'ok' - and hopefully the next time you see us - you'll be seeing a little less of us! I'll keep you updated - a little accountability is a good thing!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

one boy + one girl

The girl? Millie Miller------- The boy? Casey Lewis

The ring? ---- Amazing!

We are no less than thrilled that on Thursday - March 17th - Casey proposed to Millie! The wedding? It's being planned for June 25th in the Logan Temple. The temple - a sacred building where their union will not just be a marriage for this life - but they will be sealed together for not only time - but for eternity. What a blessing to know that we will not only live after this life - but that we can be together as husband and wife in the eternities to come!
Oh - by the way - June 25th, 2011 just happens to be the 70th wedding anniversary of Dorothy and LaVell Miller!
And today - March 19th - Don and I celebrate our 29th anniversary. We are simple people - so our anniversary celebration is simple as well (besides - we'll be removing money from our bank account for a wedding). We started the day off with omelets at the Miller Cafe - aka - our kitchen! We exchanged gifts: a wonderful spring smelling candle and a cd of awesome Tim McGraw tunes. Later? I'm sure there'll be some grocery shopping and maybe a movie. If it doesn't rain - steaks on the grill - and if it does rain? Eh - maybe I'll be able to talk him into taking me out! Nontheless - cheers to all!