Friday, April 27, 2012

More of Emma

We can't get enough of this little bug!  She is so sweet.  We are babysitting right now.  I don't remember it being this fun when I was a teenager!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baby Emma

Newborn wrinkly hands and feet!

Miss Emma with her Auntie Millie

Awake and alert!

These little ones are mesmerizing!  I need to get some pictures of her with mom and dad - but up until today they have been too exhausted to have pictures taken!  I think they are starting to feel somewhat normal.  So - the best part of being a mother is being a grandmother!  It's seeing your children take that leap of faith into parenthood and accepting the responsibility that comes with it.  These little ones come totally dependent on you for every aspect of their life.  They trust implicitly that you will take care of them and they reward you the only way they know how - with unconditional love!  As parents, new or seasoned, we make mistakes.   And just when you think you have the whole parenting thing figured out, you have another child and you have to start all over again - because each one comes with their own personality and ways of dealing with life.   Each precious spirit that is welcomed into a family becomes part of the tapestry of that family.  It's being so fun watching the tapestry of the Chlarson family being woven ever more tightly and intricately.

Leaving here and going home is not going to be easy.   Home is going to seem awfully dull without a cute little bug to come visit every day!

The Best Reason to be a Mom!

I've been absent because we traveled to Utah to be with our daughter and son-in-law after they had their first baby.  All went well, she is perfect!  I would love to post some pictures, but am on a different computer and can't figure out how to synch them....they will come later - I promise!   Emma Chlarson was born April 16, 2012.  Dark hair and gorgeous...but then, what grandmother wouldn't say that?!  This truly is a spiritual experience - to know that she was so recently with her Father in Heaven - oh, if she could talk.  But sometimes, when she is gazing off into the distance, and that sweet smile appears, it's easy to imagine that she is seeing her angel friends that she so recently left.  So - pictures will come - but right now we are just enjoying snuggling, and touching fingers and toes, and kissing a sweet forehead.  You'll just have to trust me - there's nothing better than this!

Later - right now I have some grandma loves to give!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lemon Poppyseed Dressing

Lemon Poppyseed Dressing
1/2 c. white sugar      1/2 c. lemon juice
2 tsp. diced onion      1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. Dijon-style prepared mustard
2/3 c. vegetable oil     1 Tbs. poppy seeds

In a blender or food processor, combine sugar, lemon juice, onion, mustard and salt.  Process until well blended.  With machine still running add oil in a slow steady stream until mixture is thick and smooth.  Add poppy seeds and process just a few seconds more to mix.

I like to serve this over a salad of mixed greens, romaine and spinach mostly, chopped apple, sliced pear, craisins, slivered almonds, grated swiss cheese, and crumbles of feta cheese.  A little goes a long ways and it is a nice blend of sweet and savory!  It makes it a lot easier to get in my servings of fruits and veggies!

Snowball Kiss Cookies

I quite love these cookies.  They are made with Hershey's Kisses - but on this particular day when I was craving them, my stash of kisses was gone!  I had to have one of these cookies, and I didn't want to get appropriately dressed to make the 1/2 mile dash to WalMart!  (pathetic, I know!)  Milk chocolate chips would just have to be a substitute on this particular night!   So - where you see individual chocolate chips - imagine a Hershey's Kiss!

Snowball Kiss Cookies
1 cup butter, softened 
1/2 c. sugar
2 c. flour
Hershey's Kisses         
Cream together the butter, sugar and vanilla until fluffy.  Slowly add flour and mix well.  Cover and chill for 2 hours.  Remove 1 Tablespoon of dough and flatten out some in the palm of your hand.  Put an unwrapped kiss in the middle of the dough and wrap the dough around it, pinching together the edges and roll in the palm of your hand until it is in a ball shape.  Place on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake at 375 degrees for 10-12 minutes.  These cookies don't need to brown - remove from the oven as soon as they are set up - let sit for a minute or two on the cookie sheet then transfer to a cooling rack.  Enjoy!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

As you celebrate this Easter season take a few minutes to watch a short video about the Savior.  You can find it here.

I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior - and He is your Savior.  I have felt his guidance and direction in my life as I have prayed.  I know that he knows me personally.  He took upon him my pains, my sorrows, my guilt and my sins.  He suffered for me in the Garden of Gethsemane in a way that I cannot even begin to imagine so that I will not have to suffer that same anguish.  He gave up his life on the cross and was placed in the tomb - where on the third day he rose again!  ~ ~ Triumphant over death!  Through repentance, He has provided for us the way to return to his presence, that we too might have triumph over death!  He is not only my Savior, but my friend.  I am grateful to Him and I love Him.