Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This is our time....

There has been A LOT going in with our family the last little bit. 
  • A daughter and son-in-law moving, and another getting reading to move.  These are good moves, but nonetheless, if you have moved you understand some of the stresses involved with that.
  • Some health issues.  The normal aches and pains for us old folks, and possibly some carpal tunnel that will need to be taken care of.  And maybe a herniated disk in my lower back that will need to be fixed sooner than later.  An eye condition that is being treated through an FDA approved trial.
  • A new grandbaby!  
  • Big sister adjusting to having a new little brother, a new house, and not having her special friend MJ just up stairs.   
  • The lack of support from a boss and the possibility of losing a job.  
  • Deciding that maybe we should just find another job rather than wait and see if his still exists in 6 months.
  • Concerns over extended family members and struggles in their families: babies born, cancer, the need for a job, upcoming back surgery, knee surgery, recent back/neck surgery, other health concerns, not being able to have babies, etc.  The list goes on - and there are many situations I'm sure we are not aware of.
I found this on Pinterest and wanted to share it here.  I'm going to have it printed off on a large piece of paper to help us remember the positives.

The original link for this is here, at thegirlcreative.com

We have been overwhelmed with the love and support of family and friends.  Through the prayers and fasting of others - we truly have felt lifted up.  Our burden has been made lighter.  We can do this!  This is our time and we are going to move forward.