Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Look Ahead with Faith and Believe

I'm hopeful about 2014.  Good things are going to happen!  A new grandson.  Better health.  Better connections with family and friends.  Fabulous memory-making with family.  Lots of new babies joining our extended family.

My motto for the new year is:  "Look ahead with faith and believe".  

Believe that strength will come when you feel weak.  Believe that God knows the course your life needs to take and will guide you along as you ask for His help.  Believe that there is strength in making righteous choices.  Believe that forgiveness is healing.  Believe that better health is an option.   Believe that spiritual strength will come as we keep our covenants and obey the commandments, listening to counsel from prophets and apostles that is relevant to us today.  

I found this sign on the website of My Computer is My Canvas and thought I would put it here to go along with my 2014 motto.   If you would like to read Elder Dube's talk on this subject - go here. 

Happy New Year!