Sunday, May 6, 2018

Just ONE Page.....

Last week I read an article found here.  This article shared how people of many different faiths were asked to read just one page in the Book of Mormon and share their feelings about what they read.  It showed that although people of different faiths/beliefs might worship differently, that there are similarities in those things that we do believe. 

I decided to take the challenge.  I got my copy of the book that I keep in my vehicle, randomly opened it, grabbed my highlighter so I could mark any references to deity, and I read one page.

My thoughts from what I read:
  • There is a God.  Jesus Christ is a God
  • He will teach us His ways - when we know what He teaches, it is easy to follow Him
  • Jesus is the Lord from Jerusalem
  • We're admonished to walk in the light of the Lord
  • For those who choose to live a wicked life, they will be judged by their works 
I can testify that there is a power in reading the Book of Mormon - by doing so, it will answer questions you have about life - about deity - about faith, hope and charity - about grace and redemption and so much more.  

If you don't have a Book of Mormon and would  like one, if only to read one page, leave your name and address in the comments and I'll get one to you. OR - you can access a digital version by going here.