Monday, September 27, 2010

Who Am I?

After our RS activity this last weekend - and my birthday - I've determined that I am BOTH 'witch and bootiful'! I am rich because I have been blessed with an amazing family and fantastic friends, (I was so spoiled for my birthday). I live in a country where we enjoy many freedoms. I have an eternal identity and promises because of the gospel of Jesus Christ which is such an integral part of my life. I have been blessed with talents and abilities - many of which I am just beginning to realize and/or appreciate. I have a husband who adores me and children who honor me. I now have the blessing of a son in the family and we love him as one of our own. I have good health, that would be better if I took better care of myself - and that is part of my new life plan. ....And I am 'bootiful' because I am a daughter of God. He knows me. He loves me - even with all of my imperfections and struggles. He strengthens me to continue to move forward and progress. His love motivates me to be better.

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