Sunday, September 5, 2010


One of our first nights on vacation, we had a family gathering at Myrna & Steve's place. Porter provided lots of entertainment with his football stretches, his scrutinizing of a blade of grass when he was trying to ignore us and spiking the ball over the zip line!

This is one of the views from our camp ground. It was so amazingly peaceful and wonderful. I love Tony's Grove.

Making the hike to White Pine meant there were lots of times to stop and rest in the shade. We didn't get started until afternoon and it got hot.

I think these boys could have made the entire hike without stopping running! They were amazing!

This is looking down at Tony Grove lake after we had been hiking for a while.

This is White Pine. I didn't actually make it down to the lake. As I stood at the top and looked down, considered the number of switchbacks, and what that would all mean coming back up - I knew my legs were shot and I wouldn't make it. So I stayed at the top and enjoyed someone else's photo of the destination!

Millie took her mountain bike on the hike. She didn't go down to White Pine - but came back to be with me. And yes - I did a little mountainbiking.....very little. It wasn't long before the mountain and the bike won out.

And this is what happens when you lose to a mountain! I had a serious bruise from my fall! And it was truly a fall that should never have happened. I think I was being overly cautious.

Resting back at camp after the hike. Notice the icepack on my leg!

We also had a day at Bear Lake. We rented a boat, a water weinie, and had a great time.

Some stayed on the beach all day - some played in the water. It was a beautiful day at Bear Lake!

Amanda and Dustin's garden. We stopped to see it on our way to look for deer out past Clarkston.

At the 'Famous Preston Night Rodeo"!

A beautiful sunrise somewhere between Kemmerer and Little America as we headed back to Missouri after a wonderful 2 1/2 weeks. Can't wait to go again.

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