Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010 - Sunset to Sunrise

Every trip has a beginning and an end. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We started our Christmas Vacation a little earlier than planned to beat a snow storm that was coming into Utah/Wyoming. Instead of leaving early in the morning as we usually do, we left St. Joe about 3:00 pm, not looking forward to a long night of driving.

Somewhere in Nebraska we were blessed with a beautiful sunset. We were still quite awake and up for whatever was before us! Don always says we'll stop somewhere and sleep if we need to (we never do!), so as we left Laramie in the wee hours of the morning with a little blowing snow on the road - and a light snow falling - the hypnotic effect of it all began to set in. By Little America, we knew we were in trouble, and stops became more frequent and animated (did I mention dancing on the side of the road and singing loudly? least on my part?!) It worked for a while. We made it through Logan Canyon with angels taking the wheel while we slept. Thus we see - when old people attempt to drive through the night on no sleep, eventually their eyes will close. We were certainly blessed. We woke up Amanda and Dustin at 6:30 and crashed on their sofas for a bit. Then headed to grandma's house.

We had such a great visit and enjoyed about as much family time as can be squeezed into 9-10 days. We ate many good meals, played many games, and in general just enjoyed the best Christmas gift of all - being together as a family.

Millie and her boyfriend Casey Lewis.
Millie, Casey, Dustin and Amanda. Dustin was our high scorer with 199 --- so close to that 200!

We were able to go to the temple a couple of times. When we came out on this day, the sun had just gone down, the clouds were settling in over the valley and the temple seemed to almost glow.

Jeni and Jeremy came by with their boys and that's always a good time!
Amanda and Dustin at their apartment.
Christmas morning...there were a few clouds that just sort of floated along the frontside of the mountains.
Amanda and Dustin on Christmas morning.
Millie and Casey
And the end....heavy always has to end, doesn't it? Parties, and family, and food and presents and temple going and games and time well spent. Before we knew it or wanted it - (beating another storm) - we were on our way again. And somewhere in Wyoming, after the tears had stopped, the sun came up. It always does. The trip home was easier because we were more prepared. But we still made it with heavy hearts.

Happy New Year and the bestest blessings you can imagine for 2011.

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