Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas at our house

I love Christmas at our house. I love how it looks, how it smells (a little like cinnamon - they are my favorite candles), I love the baking and the cookies and the cards and the memories! I love my nativities. I love the music. I love how I feel when I'm sitting in a dimmed room with just the Christmas lights on. I was working on my talk for Stake Conference last night, and I turned down all the 'regular' lights and curled up with my computer and the ambiance of the Christmas lights. Here's a tiny peak at some of our Christmas things.

Some of the greenery, lights and decorations that grace our railings.

The Advent Santa is something I made years ago. It's such a fun way to count down the days 'till Christmas.

Here's a close-up of the fireplace screen Don and I made. I saw this at a friend's house last year and asked permission to copy it. We took a picture, we blew it up, created our own pattern, cut the wood and painted away. I love it!

Our fireplace with the mantle garland, the holiday blocks and the new Christmas screen that Don and I made this year.


Darcey said...

How fun, and thanks for sharing (I love cinnamon candles too)! I especially love the fireplace screen you guys made. It turned out great!

Missy said...

Your fireplace Christmas stand turned out ADORABLE!!!! Oh I love it! Well done.

Jallin said...

I have wonderful memories of your home and this post just brought them all back! It has always been a second home to me and I love you all for that!