Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pondering on Motherhood

I've spent a fair amount of time today thinking about the events that transpired 27 years ago. The time when our very first daughter was born into this world - as I've always liked to say: "Her coming to earth day"! I look at the beautiful women she and her sister have become and it humbles me greatly to know how our lives have intersected. They are such incredible human beings - and I don't say that because of anything that I have done as a mother - but because of the beautiful spirits they had when they received their earthly bodies. They are 'good' - they are 'wise' - they are 'kind'. They are great examples to me and I will forever feel blessed to be their mother and to call them my daughters. There are 23 months between these two girls - and they are more than sisters - they are best friends.

As a young mother, there are so many mistakes to be made. Everything is new and scary. And this is a LIFE that is depending on YOU to do the RIGHT thing! My mother passed away right before I got married - so that lifeline of wisdom wasn't there for me as a young mother. How grateful I am for the women, the sisters that I rubbed shoulders with in the Relief Society of our church. That is something that is so terrific about our church. No matter where you go in the world - you can find a congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and within that congregation will be a group of women - the Relief Society. They do offer relief, they will buoy you up when you don't think you can make it through one more sleepless night or change another outfit that has been spit up on, or survive the 2's, 3's and everything else that is to come! I do have to say that my daughters were a joy to have in our home. And my heart breaks a little each time I think of them being 1,000 miles away. Sometime in the future they will have babies of their own. So even though I, as their mother, am still able to give advice and love, I am far away. So again - those sisters in the church will be there for them, and for that I will be grateful.

Who do you know that might be needing a little relief and how might you help them? Maybe they need an hour or two 'away' - a movie with their husband - a friend to just sit and visit and have - you know - 'grown-up talk'! Plan how you might be just what someone needs this week. Be open to the possibilities, listen for those whisperings of the Spirit that let you know when you are needed, then take action!

By blessing the lives of others - your life will be blessed beyond measure.

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Lara said...

I love this.

Even though I am 2,000 miles from my mom, I call her often and I love getting her advice as I raise my family. I do wish she could be here when I really need help, but you're right, I have a branch to rely on and that has taught me a lot about service, too.