Monday, February 13, 2012

Spiritual Pick-Me-Up or Daily Closer to Christ

Some people need a good strong 'something' in the morning to get going; hot shower, coffee, etc. I've found something that gets me going in the right direction and I want to share that with you. I've tried to do better at reading my scriptures every day. Mornings aren't always good because I tend to sleep in as long as possible - and if I don't shower before reading - I fall asleep while attempting said task. So unless it's a Saturday or Sunday - morning scripture reading doesn't happen. But I can go here and find some spiritual fuel to keep me going for the day. Emily Freeman is an author and a frequent presenter at Time Out For Women. She also has an incredible insight to the scriptures and a way to 'liken them to us' that is intensely personal. I can go to the blog and peruse what she has written - or - the best thing - I now have it sent directly to my email when she puts a new one on. She has a calendar listing of daily reading so you can read the entire standard works (Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants and Pearl of Great Price) in one year. I'm not sure I'm there yet, but I AM appreciating the perspective she is adding to my scripture study.

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