Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1940 something - an adventure and a wedding!

My mother had a couple of sisters raising their families in a small community in southeastern Idaho, she was the 2nd youngest of many children in her large family.  My father lived in this same small farming community running the family farm.  He had not been able to enlist in the war because as a child he blew off some fingers when playing with dynamite caps or gun powder....and also lost most of his hearing in one ear.  Mom graduated from high school and worked for a year while waiting for her little sister to graduate so they could go to California together to work, often-times traveling to southern Idaho to visit her older sisters and entertain a relationship with this handsome young man.  Her sister graduated, but decided that rather than go to California, she wanted to get married - so mom took off without her.  She worked at an aircraft factory - and much like Rosie the Riveter - spent time in the wings of the airplanes riveting and making sure things were tight so the pilots would have a sound aircraft to fly.  She had a grand time in California, and talked about saving gas ration coupons so she and her friends could travel a bit and enjoy the west coast while there....it wasn't all work!  She also continued to write to that Idaho farm boy - and soon she was leaving sunny CA and heading back to southeastern Idaho.  Beth Letham and Rex Bassett were married in May of 1945 and had three children.
Find out more about the 1940's and how you can help preserve the history of this great generation by going here to the 1940 Census Web Site!  Embrace the heritage that has been left to us - and do your part to help write their history.


Debra Ann Elliott said...

What a beautiful post. My parent's were married in 1947.

Michael Pierce said...

Very nice posting. I like the way the technology and travel aspects are woven into the story about your grandparents.

I'd love to hear what you think of my, mostly technology oriented, post, if you have a minute.

Good luck!