Sunday, March 17, 2013

The dash....1921-2013

How do you measure a life?  We had an opportunity two weeks ago to consider that question.  My sweet mother-in-law passed quietly from this life to the next on Sunday, March 3.  When we knew her passing was imminent, we began remembering.  My mother passed away right before Don and I became engaged and his mother - Dorothy Daines Miller welcomed me into her family with no reservations.  She made me feel like I mattered - and often called to talk with me during the day when Don was at work - just to see how things were going.

She loved her family - her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren completely.  She loved their spouses equally as well.  She reached out to friends and neighbors, always making each one feel important.  She showed that care and concern with visits, treats and knitted slippers!

She will be missed - so very much.  But that 'dash' - the time between her birth and her death will be a part of each one who had any contact with her.  She was that kind of wonderful.  

Reading with grandchildren at a family reunion.  They all loved her.  She made each feel as though they were her favorite!
Ice cream was always the go-to treat when at grandma's house!
These grand-daughters had a sleep-over at grandma's house.  They wanted to spend time with her - and the patio was the perfect place to gather - not just for sleep-overs, but for family gatherings of all kinds.
And then there was Yellowstone!  It was a favorite place for the family to go when my husband was a child and it became a favorite place for the generations to follow!  We do love our Yellowstone trips!
As a final tribute of love, respect and devotion - her grandsons who served as pallbearers - lay their boutonnieres on her casket.
We'll miss you mom, grandma, grandma great, friend and neighbor, but your influence will live on in each of our lives. 

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