Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Furniture

Do you know when the last time it was that we purchased a bedroom set?  Um.  Never!  When we got married we were given the bedroom set that had been his grandparents.  It was made back in the day when they stitched your name in the mattress.  Like this!  Amazing isn't it?  But it's old enough that it truly was like grandma's feather bed.  Very soft.  And low.  And old!

So......we bit the bullet.  After looking at this bedroom set for a couple of years, we did it.  We. Purchased. It.  It's Amish made.  We ordered it from our local furniture store, who then put the order in to the company in Ohio that makes them.  From scratch.  They grow their own trees!  It is beautiful furniture.  And Homestyle Furniture inspected it with a fine tooth comb when it came in after 10 very LONG weeks of waiting.  There were a couple of small imperfections, which to them were unacceptable.  A small varnish run, and small places where the wood had been chipped during assembly.  The bed was put together for us today, but a new headboard and footboard have been ordered and will be here the end of May.

It smells wonderfully new.  It's beautiful.  And we have room for everything.  No more stuff sitting on the floor because there's no place to put it.  This is something I never thought I would have, and I think how much my own mother would have loved this furniture set.

Happy Mother's Day to me!


Amanda said...

Wow! It looks very nice! I didn't know you would be getting 2 dressers. You really should have room for everything now :)

Holli Young said...

This stuff is gorgeous! Congratulations!!

Millie Lewis said...

Looks good! Can't wait to see (and smell) it in person. :)