Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The blessing of family

I have always loved beyond measure our daughters.  I can't even tell you how blessed I have felt in my life to have these two girls be not only flesh of my flesh, but my friends also!

And their husbands.....I love them to pieces!  They are as precious to me (to us) as if they too were with us from the beginning.  How fun it is to have sons.

And now - the circle widens as they are having their own families.  To see them grow in their role as parents is heart-warming.  To watch them become all that they have been prepared for in their role as parents.  To see these dads cradle, care for and nurture their children almost makes me weepy at times.  To know that these children are being taught about their Father in Heaven; you mention 'prayers' and little arms are folded - waiting - knowing.

I am humbled to be part of this great circle of family and am grateful for the blessing of these little ones that help remind us of those things that are of most worth!

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