Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Temple


This weekend, my hubby and myself passed on the chance to go to the local high school football game (it was perfect outside football weather, might I add!), and decided instead to drive 45 miles to go to the temple.  We went here - to the Kansas City Temple.

I had a wonderful experience that night.  I went in with a heart full of anxiety over many matters.  A family member with some health issues.  Me with some health issues and a probable upcoming surgery which I am very anxious about.  Thinking about some issues friends are facing.  And as always, when I walked inside the temple, some of those feelings of anxiety began to melt away.  If you don't know, we (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) believe that the temple is the most sacred place on the earth.  How can you go to the temple and not feel peace?  And love.  And hope.  I felt all of those things.  But I had another very spiritual, very personal experience on top of all of that.

One of the ladies in the temple reminded me a lot of my mother.  My mother who passed away in November of 1981.  Not that she looked 'just like her', but there were some similar characteristics and mannerisms.  And it wasn't too long before I felt that my mother was there with me.   That she still loved me and that she still has concern over me and my family.  It was tender.

Would I have had that kind of an experience on a Friday night had I been sitting at the local high school football game?  I don't think so.

And so - as we are obedient to those things that we are asked to do - we are blessed.  We may not be 'rich beyond measure' financially, but as we drove home Friday night - I truly felt 'Rich.  Beyond Measure.'

If  you would like to know more about temples, check it out here.


Holli Young said...

Inspirational! Thank you for sharing your experience. I had not heard you were likely having surgery. Keep us posted!! We'll keep you in our prayers.

Miller Bears said...

Thanks for sharing! I needed that little spiritual pick me up this morning. Like Holli said, keep us posted on your surgery. We love you!