Monday, November 4, 2013

A Sunday Walk

The hubs and myself went for a walk yesterday afternoon.  We went down along the river and enjoyed the cool breeze (aka - wind!), and the beautiful fall colors.  Usually here in northwest Missouri, the fall colors are muted and not very pretty.  This year with all of the moisture we've had, the colors are brighter.  There weren't a lot of trees with 'red' leaves, and it was overcast, so you don't get the benefit of the sun shining on the trees, but it was a pretty day.  I'm glad we went outside.

We met some friends along the way who were Geo-cacheing.  I showed them this picture of something that we 'found' along the way. 

Some of the trees up on the bluff.  A train went by a little earlier.  You can see the track bed there.  Yes - I did pump my arm in the air and yes - the engineer did blow his whistle!  Loved it!
A beautiful Missouri Sunset

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