Sunday, April 27, 2014


Who would drive almost 3,000 miles round trip on vacation to sleep on sofas, mattresses on a floor, and lumpy beds?  Or spend your vacation days watching 'Frozen', playing with play dough, going to the park and hiking in the mountains when you are used to a much lower elevation?  Who would carry their suitcase hither and yon, living out of it and not having any place to really set it down and stay for a while?

A grandparent!  That's who!  

There is nothing better than hearing: "Outside grandma!", or having a little one 'get you' in his own special way, or staring into the eyes of a newborn as he lays on a bili light table in the middle of the night.  These are bonding moments for us and our grandchildren that we wouldn't trade for a 4 star hotel on a beach somewhere.  Well, maybe if that hotel had a suite that was designed for kids we would consider taking them along!  Living away from our family has been a hard thing for us.  We are grateful for phone calls, emails, Skype and face time, but none of those things takes the place of a child sitting on your lap, or asking for one more story, or just being content to lay in your arms.

Our first stop was Colorado where we visited
Casey, Millie and Parker.  Isn't he adorable?  He has the most kissable cheeks!

We had fun playing games and going to the park.

We loved spending several days there.  We went to Red Rock one day and did an easy hike.  I was grateful because, not being used to the altitude, Don and I just couldn't get any air.  Then we headed to downtown Denver and enjoyed lunch at Maggiano's Italian Restaurant.  Yummy!

 Parker wasn't sure what to think about the bear!                          
And then we were off to Utah.

Emma had a birthday coming up while we were there!
The big #2.  She helped make the cake - but seriously - we
all know that licking the spoon and the beaters is the best part!

She discovered Sofia the First and loves this cartoon.
I attempted to make a Sofia cake.  It's not fabulous -
couldn't find a doll top that really looked like her and I've
never worked with fondant before either - but I guess it's
ok for a first attempt.

And then came Easter time.  It was the day before little
brother was scheduled to be born. 

We had previously colored eggs and gone on the Easter
Walk that Logan, Utah started this year.  The children go downtown with their parents, and stores that have a specific sign on their door or window have treats inside for the kids.

And then the much anticipated birth of Garrett on April 21st!  We are so happy he made it here safe.  He weighed 8 lbs 4 oz and was 21.5 inches long.  He and mom both did great!

We stayed at the house with Emma and she went to the hospital often to visit baby brother.

He is precious. 

And then we had to say goodbye.  It was hard when we left Colorado - and it was hard when we left Utah.  I will be grateful when we are all just a little closer to one another.  I will continue to sleep on sofas and live out of suitcases until that happens, though, because that's what grandparents do, and we wouldn't trade a single minute of it!

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