Friday, April 1, 2011

How prepared are you?

My friend Debbie sent these, her thoughts to me in an email. They seemed so relevant, and she said it so well, I asked if I could repost it here. Thank you Deb!

"In a crisis, 8 out of ten people will remain passive, waiting to follow the lead of someone else rather than acting on their own. They want someone to just tell them what to do. That can be dangerous in and of itself if you follow the wrong leader!

One out of ten will panic, putting themselves and very often others, in danger.

While one out of ten, will take charge of his or her circumstances to help and lead others. Most often, it was found, that those persons had some level of preparedness skills, knowledge and physical "things." In other words, they knowingly prepared before the crisis. And they weren't reacting, they were taking action.

Now ...the interesting thing is, a person's mindset. Are you creative? Do you have pertinent knowledge that will go a long way in helping to make, often, difficult decisions?

If you ponder multiple situations, you can have an idea what to do if faced with any of them. You can also acquire the knowledge and skills to help you in those same situations. Granted, we cannot always think of every scenario but we can use what we do already know with every situation! So knowledge and skill is key. Creativity is key, and mental preparation, belief that you can deal with anything, is key.

Add to that, having prepared yourself with food storage items, plenty of water, emergency items, lighting, heating, clothing etc. You can feel pretty secure mentally, to handle most things!

So which category do you fall under? The passive, "wait to be told what to do," the person who panics, putting yourself and others in danger, or the one in charge of his/her situation?

Only you can decide which you would rather be!"

"If ye are prepared, ye need not fear!"

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