Thursday, April 28, 2011

What wouldn't you want to lose?

In light of the many tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and other disasters as of late, I found myself sitting at my desk at work today contemplating what would be the hardest thing about living through one of these disasters. We've survived ice storms, and minor flooding; no electricity for several days, and many inconviences, but gratefully, we've never had to go through a horrendous natural disaster. So - what couldn't you live without? What would make you so sad if it were 'lost'?
The family pictures?
A loved one?
Your 'stuff'?
Granted - it would be difficult to lose all of those things. There are many things that are dear to our hearts. Pictures, genealogy, a loved one......hard stuff. But the one thing I would fight to keep would be my faith in the Savior Jesus Christ and the testimony I have of His true gospel on the earth in these latter days. If I can hold on tight to that - then the rest will be ok. It doesn't mean it wouldn't be hard. It doesn't mean that I wouldn't get discouraged or even have a little pity party (I'm really good at those anyway!), but holding on to that most fundamental thing that holds everything else together would be critical in surviving spiritually and emotionally and being able to pick up and start anew and in keeping a perspective about the things that are of the MOST worth!
What don't you want to lose - ever?
Something to think about.
Let me know what you think.

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