Sunday, January 31, 2010

Waiting for Spring!

OK - so it's still officially winter - but the sun has been shining a bit, the majority of the snow has melted (although I'm sure there is more on the way), the temperatures are just a bit warmer and I am ready for spring! I'm ready for the promise of new beginnings. Don and I have made some commitments for the coming year - it's time to stop moaning that we are 'empty nesters' and start enjoying this time that we have to spend take better care of ourselves and our relationship and to be more aware of the people that we love and what their needs are. My goal this year is to serve better than I have - be it my neighbors, my family or my friends.

And I'm still going to wait for spring!


Jen said...

When is your next trip to Logan? I was sad I only saw you for a little bit over Christmas! I am hoping for an early spring also!! :)

Korine said...

I'm afraid we won't be coming out again until July. Which is really strange. I told Don the other day as we were driving to Winter Quarters that if we were following our protocol for next year, we would be heading west soon! Hope your school year ends well. We'll see you in July!