Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hold to the Rod.....

I really liked this entry that I found on the Time Out For Women website.... I'm only putting the last paragraph - look up the rest and read it.

Hold to the Rod When You Can't See the Tree
by Brent L. Top
November 24, 2009
Not long ago, Sister Top and I attended the sacrament meeting where this remarkable young man reported his mission. We saw a stark contrast between this spiritually mature, confident, powerful missionary and the fearful, struggling nineteen year old who had come to our mission two years earlier. The Spirit of the Lord was upon him. There was no doubt about that. As he spoke of his mother’s death and how he dealt with it, he made a simple observation that powerfully affected me. “I held on to the iron rod,” he declared, “even when I couldn’t see the tree of life.” That is true faith in the Lord. That is “pressing forward with a steadfastness in Christ.” That is enduring well. May we take hold of the iron rod and never let go.

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