Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's a Celebration - part 2!

They got me! They totally got me. We were expecting Millie and Casey to come for the open house for their wedding. We were NOT expecting Amanda to be with them! We are just missing Amanda's husband - if he were here it would be perfect! Recipes and pictures will come after the celebration - right now we're having too much fun. A new card game - Five Crowns, an outdoor game - Bacchi Ball, a trip to the Amish community close by - Jamesport - and shopping at our favorite candle store - Farmhouse Collection (info to come on how you can order fabulous candles directly from them). We had some amazing grilled ribeyes and a favorite family dinner tonight. I think we're almost ready for the open house - it would just be amazing if Mother Nature would cooperate and allow us to have it outside. I'm afraid that Plan B isn't all that well planned! Wish us luck - there is more celebration to come!

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H&M said...

How fun! Good luck with the open house guys!!!!