Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

This woman is my mom. She was in her 20's when this picture was taken - I didn't come along till she was almost 40. She taught me so much! She gave me a sense of right and wrong that was just so practical! She made me work, but probably not hard enough! She was an example to me of what a good friend is - kind, giving, nonjudgmental, compassionate and a good listener. She taught me to be kind to animals - we had many pets and animals since we lived on a farm - and she taught me how to take care of them. She taught me to value the things that are really important - and they aren't things! They are family, relationships, faith and a deep abiding trust in God. She taught me to be honest and to do those things in my life that would not tarnish our family name or my personal name or memory. She taught me, by example, the value of being a mother. Even though I HATED babysitting as a youth and really didn't like being around other people's kids, I wanted so badly to be a mom!

These two precious girls gave me the opportunity of being a mom in every sense of the word. I knew love before I was a mother. I loved my parents - my husband - I had friends whose friendship I cherished....but LOVE it came abundtantly into my life with these two precious daughters. It came in a way and with feelings that I don't even have words to describe. I am so grateful for the opportunity and blessing that has been mine because Amanda and Millie call me mom, or momma! For with them, came a greater outpouring of love and unconditional accepting than I had ever known. I hope that in some small measure, I have been able to be to them just a little of what my mother was to me.

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