Sunday, May 6, 2012

Crocs - Really?! --- Really!

I recently did something that I said I would NEVER do.  And I mean NEVER!  I have disliked Crocs since the first time I saw them.  It didn't matter to me that people said they were comfortable - I just couldn't get over how unattractive I thought they were.  I mean, seriously, NOT ATTRACTIVE!

I slipped some on once and thought - "ok, they are cushy - they might be comfortable, but I will NEVER have a pair of these on my feet, and especially NOT to wear in public!"  But Crocs did it.  They heard my voice and made a shoe that is not only one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn (yes, I admit it), but they are also somewhat attractive, kind of cute - maybe!  Anyway - I have horrible feet.  I've had three surgeries for various things and have lots of problems with the tootsies, my heals and aches and pains caused from the surgeries.  Finding a shoe I can wear without seriously making my feet hurt has been a challenge - especially as I've gotten older and comfort has become paramount.  I still want to look somewhat fashionable - and still will NOT EVER wear the original Croc in public - but I do have to say - I LOVE my Crocs!  Really!  Whew - can't believe I just said that!  :)

I mean, seriously, isn't this a CUTE shoe?  It's not high fashion - but I don't look at it and think - CROCS - ugh.  These have become my 'go-to' pair of shoes.  I even wore them the other night when we took our 3-mile walk around the neighborhood.

And if you know me at all - you know I love my flip- flops and will wear then as soon as the frost clears the ground!  My tootsies love to wiggle and get sunshine.  So - I was really happy when I noticed on, that the Croc company made these - just for me!

Again - not high-fashion - but I do like them.  They give my horrible feet the support they need and are comfortable at the same time.

I'm hoping to get some different colors and cruise through the summer in comfort!  I'm really rough on flip-flops.  Mine usually only last one season - even the expensive athletic ones I have purchased in the past.  I'm thinking these will get me through more than one summer!

So - Change your thoughts about Crocs and try something new.   Never thought I'd say these words - but I'm glad I did!   I purchased mine from a Croc's Store and on-line, but have also seen them in Kohls.  Happy Trails!

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Darcey said...

I tried on one of those cute ones (like the black one shown) at my friend's house and decided I should probably get a pair - especially since I'll be spending a lot of time in the yard getting a little bit wet this summer with Everett! I've always made fun of my mom for wearing Crocs in public (the ugly ones!) - maybe I should also get her a pair of cute ones for her birthday!