Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Caught in the act.....

We have struggled with our garden this year.  First to get it in and second to keep it going.  We had to wait to get it tilled because we don't have our own tiller, then we were gone for two weeks so we could love on a new grandbaby!

Rabbits are wonderful in the wild - and we enjoyed them the first year we were in Missouri.  But rabbits make a mess of your yard - the brown patch to the right is a nest.  The pull out the grass, dig a hole and have their babies.  We have three that I know of in our yard right now.

Secondly, they love gardens.  I have sympathy for Mr. McGregor and his fight with Peter Cottontail!  

 This bunny has been 'caught in the act' several times enjoying our beans.  They were coming up so well even though we had a late start in getting them put in.  More than once, I'm sure our neighbors giggled as either Don or I would come running from the house to the garden to scare them away.  The little ones would lay up next to the tomato plants where it was cool and damp and mom and dad would munch on the beans.  I was told to put dried blood on the row with the beans (who knew you could purchase dried blood?), but we were too late.  I even created a mixture of hot stuff:  hot sauce, chili peppers etc. that I steeped in some water and sprayed 
directly on the plants. Seems our bunnies must 'like it hot'!

So - this is what is left of our beans.  This picture was taken before those last two leaves were enjoyed.  It's been two weeks - the secondary leaf buds are just starting to appear on the plants, so I don't know if we'll get beans or not this season.  

Seems like bunnies also enjoy cantaloupe plants and cilantro and peas.  There are also NO peas left in our garden - although they didn't grow well from the beginning.  So - it looks like our garden this year may consist of tomatoes and one cantaloupe if it survives.  


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Holli Young said...

Wow those bunnies are crazy! I had no idea. Sorry about your garden. :(