Thursday, June 7, 2012

Testimony Bookmark

As promised, I'm sharing the bookmark that we made for the youth leaders at girls camp on Monday evening.  We used a talk on Testimony by Cecil O. Samuelson in the April 2011 General Conference.  You can find it here.  We took the 10 things he said we needed for a testimony and likened them to things in our own lives - and hopefully things the girls can relate to in theirs.  You can see what those are by looking at the bookmark.  You are welcome to use these - they were created by Lauren Arendt.  If you can't get it to download from here - contact me and I will email them to you - they are ready to print!

The theme for camp is:  Hang on!  And we thought one of the most important things the youth need to hang on to is their testimony - or the testimonies of others if they need to.  We then thought that many of these youth leaders will be on their way to college in the fall or next year - and likened the elements of strengthening a testimony to things they might take with them to school.

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