Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Baby - it's hot outside - and inside!

Whew!  Working in a school building that is 103 years old, with no AC and mid 90 degree days with a little humidity thrown in there = HOT!  It's ridiculous!  Seriously.  The classes are taking turns going to the library which is air conditioned just to give the kids (and the teacher) a cool break.  But really - how conducive is it to teaching/learning when you are sitting on the floor, trying not to listen to the other 1 or 2 classes that are also trying to cool off, knowing that your time there is short-lived?  Or - when you are sitting in a classroom with fans blowing all around you and it's still stifling? 

I guess our hope is knowing that these days won't last forever.  Cooler weather will come.  The building will cool down, and we'll continue to do our best to make it a good situation.  We have an awesome staff and I love working with them. 

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