Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm thankful

I love November/Thanksgiving time.  It gives me an opportunity to reflect on those things in my life that I am truly grateful for.  When our daughters were young we had a 'Thankful Box' with blank cards by it - and we would write down those things we were grateful for and in the box they would go.  On Thanksgiving day we would open the box and read them all out loud.  It was always nice to hear what other family members had written.  I could tell the ones that were written at the end of the month because they became more thoughtful.  

This year I have a 'clicker' and have used it in several different ways.  For November - and counting the things I am most grateful for - I clicked them.  When my husband picked it up one day and started clicking - I told him he could only click if he associated the clicks with something he was grateful for.  At the table before Thanksgiving dinner - I passed the clicker around the table and let others share what they were grateful for and click away.  This is what we ended up with at the close of the day yesterday.   There would have been more clicks if I had started on November 1 instead of several days later when I thought of 'clicking'. 

I bought my clicker here.

I hope you enjoyed a fabulous day with family or friends and were able to reflect on those things in life for which you are grateful. 

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