Friday, June 21, 2013

Ants, ants, and more ants..........

You remember that song: "The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah!....."    Well, they marched to my kitchen!  Lots of them.   My mother used to call them sugar ants.   I was squishing them and washing them down the sink and they just kept coming. 

I was lamenting to my neighbor Debbie (who knows EVERYTHING! - Seriously, she does!) and she suggested I try a product.  And she said no matter how tempted I was to smash them when they started to gather and eat, that I shouldn't do that.  They need to eat this stuff, then they take it back to their colony and ants in the colony also die. 

We set some out last night - drops of goo on pieces of paper.  Got up this morning and ALL of the goo was gone off of one strip of paper (six decent sized drops) and the ants who had eaten most certainly had gone back to the colony and told everyone else to come get some.   This is what we found this morning when we got up.

An Ant Party...........ewwwww..........ick!
Ants.  Lots and lots of ants.  But look at them eating that goo.  It must be nummy.  So we made more strips of paper with more goo for them.  And Debbie was's SO HARD not to take a paper towel and just squish them all.

Hmm....closeups of my kitchen grout aren't too pleasant to look at either!  But look at them eat that stuff.  It's the summer kick-off social event!

The product I borrowed from her to use is this.  It can take several days to take care of the entire colony, but she swears that it works.   I'll keep you posted, cuz really, this is disgusting!

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My mom uses that stuff too!