Monday, June 17, 2013

Tender Mercies

I was a little down when I went to the garden this morning.  The onions didn't grow.  Not one little bit.  Neither did the peas and the carrots are struggling.  The tomatoes are doing 'ok', but it appears that something is chewing on their leaves.  The beans are doing well.  I planted three rows, one for the bunnies and two for us - that seems to be working well.  A couple of years ago our strawberry patch bit the dust and so we began another one this year.  As I went to check them, I noticed something on the edges of the leaves, and was so discouraged because it looked as though there was something wrong with them and that they too were dieing!  Upon closer examination - I saw this.....
....beautiful dew drops on the edges of the leaves.  I was so grateful to see that they weren't dieing, and so amazed at the beauty of tiny droplets of water. 

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