Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Out with the old - In with the new!

It seems that we always do things in threes at our house. Millie is getting married and we sent her money for the wedding yesterday. That was a chunk of change, so to speak! Last week, knowing we were getting a new son-in-law, we decided it was time to get rid of the twin bed in Millie's room and upgrade a bit....a new bed for her room and a new mattress for our bed with our mattress going in the guest room. I was planning on that - and was ok with it - especially after selling the twin bed and brand new bedding to some friends for their granddaughter. What I wasn't counting on was Don falling in love with a dining set as we walked into the furniture store. As soon as he sat in a chair - I knew it would be ours! And it is! It's very similar to the tables we have looked at in Jamesport (an Amish Community close by) - but it is truly Amish made in Pennsylvania - they even grow their own trees to make the furniture! --- and not shipped in from China and finished here. Things won't be delivered for a while - and when they are I'll add a picture or two. I'm things. Yet a little sad too. We just said good bye to a bed that listened to a lot of bedtime stories, absorbed a lot of tears, and rejoiced in the laughter of silly sisters. Next to go is our table - given to us by friends some time back. The table of MANY a family dinner, LOTS of games, talk time after dinner and just general good times with family and friends. We'll miss the old stuff - but look forward to making memories with the new!

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Jallin said...

It's always sad getting rid of the stuff that your memories revolve around! I have lots of memories around that old table, not only in your house but in our house too! But now you will have plenty of new memories to make around your gorgeous new table!