Saturday, March 19, 2011

one boy + one girl

The girl? Millie Miller------- The boy? Casey Lewis

The ring? ---- Amazing!

We are no less than thrilled that on Thursday - March 17th - Casey proposed to Millie! The wedding? It's being planned for June 25th in the Logan Temple. The temple - a sacred building where their union will not just be a marriage for this life - but they will be sealed together for not only time - but for eternity. What a blessing to know that we will not only live after this life - but that we can be together as husband and wife in the eternities to come!
Oh - by the way - June 25th, 2011 just happens to be the 70th wedding anniversary of Dorothy and LaVell Miller!
And today - March 19th - Don and I celebrate our 29th anniversary. We are simple people - so our anniversary celebration is simple as well (besides - we'll be removing money from our bank account for a wedding). We started the day off with omelets at the Miller Cafe - aka - our kitchen! We exchanged gifts: a wonderful spring smelling candle and a cd of awesome Tim McGraw tunes. Later? I'm sure there'll be some grocery shopping and maybe a movie. If it doesn't rain - steaks on the grill - and if it does rain? Eh - maybe I'll be able to talk him into taking me out! Nontheless - cheers to all!


Jen said...

I am so excited for them! They are such a cute couple! Yeah! :)

H&M said...

YAY!!! We are so excited for Millie and Casey and you all as well! Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

The ring IS amazing and I am so happy for Millie. We are sad that you won't be able to come visit us, but what an exciting summer you are going to have.