Monday, March 21, 2011

Losing some weight.....

Ok - so you know we have a wedding coming up. I've been working on losing weight without much success in the past. I tried Weight Watchers and was doing 'ok' until they switched up the program to Points Plus...then I was just never able to do it the way I needed to and I started gaining again. So - I decided to try something different. My doctor had told me at one time that she thought I could be insulin resistant, and my hormones are whacky at this stage in my life...but this has been working. Atkins Plan! Don has been trying it too - and I must say it is the first time we have seen consistent success in a LOT of years! The first three days were a little tough - and I have to admit that I cheat just a little every day. Maybe it's a handful of granola, or the pear I'm not supposed to eat quite yet, or on a REALLY stressful day a ball of frozen cookie dough! But we have fallen in love with the Atkins Protein Bars. A little pricey - but much more filling than my favorite (Fiber One) granola bars. And Don has been supplementing with some protein drink. We're doing 'ok' - and hopefully the next time you see us - you'll be seeing a little less of us! I'll keep you updated - a little accountability is a good thing!

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