Friday, July 22, 2011

My Obsession

Ok - so I have more than one obsession - my family, baking and chocolate being three of them - but this is another one that doesn't go away. I LOVE candles! I have them in every room - different shapes and sizes. My favorite scent usually involves spice, cinnamon or fall and/or Christmas scents. I found a new scent the last time I shopped at FARMHOUSE COLLECTION Candle Store that I have totally fallen in love with! Cinnamon Spruce! Hmmm - a warm combination of cinnamon and Christmas! Seriously - could there be anything better than that?

I do love shopping at Farmhouse Collection in Jamesport, MO. It has the BEST selection of candles and scents and they are a wonderful quality. I'm going to take a deep breath and say that I think I like them better than Yankee Candles....and I have a collection of Yankee Candles in my closet too, but they just haven't seemed to burn as well or have an even scent as they burn lately.

Check out their website. You can order candles and candle accessories from there - but if you want to see the rest of their fabulous things - you'll have to make the trek to northwest Missouri and visit Farmhouse Collection. By the way - Jamesport is an Amish community - so there are other fabulous shops to visit too. (My sweet hubby surprised me one Christmas with a handmade BEAUTIFUL Amish quilt and a handmade oak quilt rack!) But Farmhouse Collection and their candles is my favorite place to stop. I have been known to drive the 60 miles to get there - go only to Farmhouse Collection - buy my stash of candles and a few other goodies from their store - then turn around and head home.

What is your obsession?

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Naomi said...

I adore candles as well. My supply is running low and I am in need for more candle shopping I think. I have never ordered any on line and just might give it a try. Thanks.