Friday, July 8, 2011

Millie & Casey - Together Forever!

There are a few days here and there in my life that I would deem as 'perfect'. This was certainly one of them! Millie Miller and Casey Lewis were sealed for time and for eternity in the Logan LDS temple. She is marrying into a wonderful family and we were happy to share the day with them. In the LDS faith, we believe that when a marriage is performed in one of our sacred temples by the correct priesthood authority, that the marriage does not end at death, but continues throughout eternity. And likewise, the children that are part of that family are also sealed to the parents. Thus, the family is also an eternal family unit. It brings such peace to my soul to know that we can be together forever!
Setting up --- we had lots of good help!

After spending the morning decorating, we stopped here to have some lunch. If you are ever in Logan, UT - check out 'Great Harvest Bread Company'. We enjoyed a free slice of bread, and also ordered some yummy sandwiches and soup. It quickly became a favorite stopping place for our family!

Here comes the Bride! ...and groom of course!

And then came the party - the celebration to share with lots of family and friends!

They were dancing to the song: "Stealing Cinderella", but he was thinking: 'I Loved Her First'. Both of them blamed the other for starting to cry first.


Anonymous said...

I have been checking your blog everyday looking for pictures of the wedding. She was beautiful and she did such a good job with the decor. I am so happy for her, what a perfect day!

Stephanie in Vegas

Missy said...

Love all the pictures! Millie is gorgeous, I saw her yesterday and she still has that huge smile on her face! So Fun!

H&M said...

YAY congratulations!!!!! We're so happy we got to be there to celebrate with you all!