Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This Sucks!

Literally - it does!! And it's wonderful! We bought a new vacuum a few weeks ago. It helped that it was on sale at Kohls AND we had a 30% off coupon. We didn't really NEED a new vacuum. Ours was still working - or so we thought. We bought the machine, then went on vacation. It sat in the family room in it's box until we got back. My sweet husband put it together a couple of weeks ago and he can't stop vacuuming! We LOVE this Eureka vacuum. We don't know if it's better than Dyson - but it is definitely better than what we've been using.

Case in point. Hubby vacuumed the living room with old vacuum. Then did the same room with the new vacuum. This is what came out after that cleaning. Gross, huh? All that stuff left in the carpet after it had already been vacuumed. Ick!
We had our carpets cleaned not long ago - but truthfully - since we started using this vacuum they look cleaner. They don't mat down as easily (don't we all just love a fluffy carpet?) and they look new.
Love my vacuum! And I love that hubby wants to vacuum! The whole house - every Saturday!

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H&M said...

I love it! Don would look great vacuuming! :)